Aguijón Theater is dedicated to creating exciting and meaningful theatrical experiences through the cultural exploration, discussion and performance of high quality Spanish-language and bilingual works. With impacting artistic work, Aguijón promotes diversity by challenging and inspiring its audiences to surmount idiomatic barriers and cross cultural boundaries.

Aguijón’s mission is to promote and foster theater which addresses social issues affecting the U.S. Latino community specifically and the general population at large; and to build bridges of communication and understanding among the new Latino generations, instilling in them pride in the richness of their cultural heritage. The Company produces classic and contemporary plays and, through artistic collaborations, literary adaptations and original works, exposes Latino and non-Latino audiences to high quality Spanish-language theatre for educational and literary purposes.

Aguijón does not discriminate based on nationality, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or political creed. The Company strives to increase creative and economic opportunities for actors, directors and theater workers of different racial and ethnic backgrounds and provide a forum in which to showcase their talents.