“Artistas Latinos en Uptown” (Latino Artists in Uptown). Show of theater, music and poetry. Directed by Rosario Vargas. “Borinquén en nuestros corazones” (Borinquen in our hearts). Musical group: Esther Mejía, Loida Camacho, Primitivo Camacho, Néctar Colón, José Martínez and Lucy Hernández; “El día que volvimos a ser gente” (The day we bécame people again) story by José Luis González, narrated by Carmen Domínguez; “Salomé” by Rosario Castellanos, directed by Rosario Vargas, cast: Alba Guerra, Marcela Muñoz, Marco Otávalo and Ana Patricia; “Estampas del Ecuador” (Ecuadorian Images) ecuadorian music by Diego Juárez; “Réquiem por la lluvia” (Requiem for the Rain) by José Martínez Queirolo, dramatization by José Ramón Fernández. Venue: Novar Hall (Truman College).

“Jueves con Aguijón” (Thursdays with Aguijon) monologues, recitals of poetry and music. This series starts the last Thursday of each month. Venue: Novar Hall (Truman College).

“Salomé” by Rosario Castellanos. Directed by Rosario Vargas. Cast: Alba Guerra, Marcela Muñoz, Ana Patricia, Marcos Otávalo. Venues: Decima Musa Restaurant, Novar Hall, Rudy Lozano Library, Logan Square Library.

Workshop “Acting and Movement” by Rosario Vargas. Venue: Novar Hall (Truman College).

“El Despojamiento” (The Undressing) monologue by Griselda Gambaro. Directed by Juan Pedro Torriente. Actress: Rosario Vargas. Venues: Novar Hall (Truman College), Blue Rider Theater, Around the Coyote Festival, Aldo Castillo Gallery, Prospectus Gallery. This one-woman show was presented as part of the campaign against sexual abuse of the “Anti-Violence Taskforce” sponsored by the Hispanic Coalition on Health and Mujeres Latinas en Acción in April of 1994.